Monday, December 24, 2012

Its never too late for now

Getting serious with training again. Did 46 miles last week, 47 miles the week before. I hope by the spring my legs can handle 50-60. I've stopped consuming alcohol again, 18 days straight after a raging night at the CAR post marathon/holiday party. I'm sleeping better and running better. One thing I continue to struggle with is my weight. I am 6'1 185, my Academy weight was 165. Its not all fat, I have added some muscle, but my goal is to get to a lean 175 by the Rock and Roll half in DC on March 16.

Wasn't happy with my second Portland Marathon, I cramped hard and limped home in 3:20. Much better than my debut in 3:44 when I hit "the wall", but the wheels definitely fell off at mile 20 when my legs cramped hard. Still trying to figure that out.

But for now I'm enjoying consistent training again, and losing some fat.

Happy Running

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