Monday, December 24, 2012

Its never too late for now

Getting serious with training again. Did 46 miles last week, 47 miles the week before. I hope by the spring my legs can handle 50-60. I've stopped consuming alcohol again, 18 days straight after a raging night at the CAR post marathon/holiday party. I'm sleeping better and running better. One thing I continue to struggle with is my weight. I am 6'1 185, my Academy weight was 165. Its not all fat, I have added some muscle, but my goal is to get to a lean 175 by the Rock and Roll half in DC on March 16.

Wasn't happy with my second Portland Marathon, I cramped hard and limped home in 3:20. Much better than my debut in 3:44 when I hit "the wall", but the wheels definitely fell off at mile 20 when my legs cramped hard. Still trying to figure that out.

But for now I'm enjoying consistent training again, and losing some fat.

Happy Running

Monday, September 17, 2012

Great 20miler and great time in Portland

Back in DC, and slightly grumpy. Not at the city or my job particularly, but more my girlfriend, mother, and friends are all back in Portland. I hope to make my life there soon, and am almost positive I will be getting out of the Coast Guard next year. To do what, I'm not sure. Possibly to persue a MBA or other graduate degree, or maybe find a career I would enjoy.

Saturday morning in Portland was beautiful, and the 20 miler felt amazing. Nothing too crazy, but 20 miles in 2:35 has given me a lot of confidence with the marathon three weeks away. Also, it has been three weeks since my last beer and it is not as hard as it used to be. Maybe after the marathon I'll indulge in a beer or two, or maybe just keep living like this. I feels good to remain sober, and I've already noticed how much money I've saved. 

Another week of building miles, I think I'll just tempo with CAR Thursday night.  Can't wait for the marathon to come.

Happy Running,

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nerd Post

Just went 73/43 on Nuketown (using Ak47 extended mag).

I should have a masters degree in something by now.

Rest is good

After a day of rest and eight hours of sleep, my shake out six miler felt great this morning. 51 miles for the week, a little low for this late in marathon training (Portland Marathon is Oct 7), but felt like quality work.  Tomorrow is my first 20 miler of this training cycle with CAR.

I did take ibuprofen around 4am prior to my run, don't want to get in the habit of doing that, but after icing my shins still were a little sensitive.  Considering trying the compression socks that cover shins and calves.

Also, it was a great afternoon seeing my cousin's third child be baptized.  Now for a quiet afternoon of reading.  Maybe some Call of Duty first.

Happy Running


Friday, September 7, 2012

Shin pain, but still some gain

Yeow, shins are a little touchy this afternoon after last night's tempo.  A big fat zero for the log today, but id rather listen to my body than shuffle through a painful recovery run. In the mean time, i'll read  When are my tshirts coming in?!

Hydrate out there my DC friends, geeze it's still hot. When will it cool and smell like cross country?

Happy Running


no beer, more miles

Whew, good training week so far. Its been 11 days since beer and I'm feeling great, and mileage is going well. Since Sunday (Sept 2) I've run 45 miles this week. Last night was a good workout. One mile warm up, 5 mile tempo on the track, 2 mile cool down. I did the 5 mile tempo in 32:00 (avg 6:24/mile). Some of CAR went faster, and I know I could have, but I wanted fast feeling easy.  Starting out around 6:31, felt a lot easier than 6:30 did earlier in this summer. My sleep has been more consistent too, about 7-8 hours a night, but it hasn't been enough this week. I think this is what Cassidy meant about "breaking down", the build up of miles and your body is almost always tired during it. But the running is feeling better all the time, first time since the Academy probably that I have felet this smooth (although I'm not hitting 5:10 in 5x1mile workouts like i used to). 

Doing 6 easy tonight, then hanging out with mama around DC. Portland is one month away. Right now I think sub 3:05 is more doable than sub 3 hours, but maybe that will change in a month.

A comment about being dry - I definitely sleep better and longer, and the training has been more consistent. I've read people try it at least two weeks about before a big race or meet, and right now its working fine.

Happy Running


Saturday, October 9, 2010

So there I was

So there I was...

Some where in the Pacific Ocean, trying to get home to Oregon, when I thought "I should really write down my stories of adventure at sea."

Now for those of you that know me, I was once a Deck Watch Officer on the CGC ALERT.  I enjoyed the Officer of the Deck on the bridge, the sea, and well, its lore.  Now I'm at CG Headquarters in DC.  The job is ok, but I miss living in Oregon and being close to Rhonda, Mom, and friends.

I want to record my stories of the sea, and of current adventures of running and living in DC.

I hope you, my friends, enjoy following the adventures of my life as I enjoy living it.