Friday, September 7, 2012

no beer, more miles

Whew, good training week so far. Its been 11 days since beer and I'm feeling great, and mileage is going well. Since Sunday (Sept 2) I've run 45 miles this week. Last night was a good workout. One mile warm up, 5 mile tempo on the track, 2 mile cool down. I did the 5 mile tempo in 32:00 (avg 6:24/mile). Some of CAR went faster, and I know I could have, but I wanted fast feeling easy.  Starting out around 6:31, felt a lot easier than 6:30 did earlier in this summer. My sleep has been more consistent too, about 7-8 hours a night, but it hasn't been enough this week. I think this is what Cassidy meant about "breaking down", the build up of miles and your body is almost always tired during it. But the running is feeling better all the time, first time since the Academy probably that I have felet this smooth (although I'm not hitting 5:10 in 5x1mile workouts like i used to). 

Doing 6 easy tonight, then hanging out with mama around DC. Portland is one month away. Right now I think sub 3:05 is more doable than sub 3 hours, but maybe that will change in a month.

A comment about being dry - I definitely sleep better and longer, and the training has been more consistent. I've read people try it at least two weeks about before a big race or meet, and right now its working fine.

Happy Running


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  1. It feels good to detox! Funny how your body adapts. Nice week!